Season 2 – Episode 1 – Rebecca


Welcome to season 2 of The Breaking Point podcast!

In this first episode, we talk about love, longevity, the value of time and its impact on relationships.

Rebecca met Will at university and always had an eye on him… When they moved in together years later as friends, the nature of their relationship changed… within the first few weeks.

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Season 1 – Episode 3 – Felicity


University is a place where lots of people find their first loves. The freedom, the busy social life, the new lifestyle – sometimes far away from home – is the perfect context to fall in love, whether it is because we want it because we need it. One night in St Andrews, Mick ordered a few drinks to find the courage to kiss Felicity.  A pretty common beggining for a relationship that was all but ordinary.

Season 1 – Episode 2 – KIRSTY



Kirsty’s busy life in London lead her to meet a bold and successful guy named Tommy. Seduced by his charms, confidence and tenacity, she got into a relationship that started fast and furiously.

Season 1 – Episode 1 – SARAH


One day, Sarah meets Steven and after he fed her a chocolate strawberry (nice move), their story began. Unfortunately, there was something in Sarah’s blind spot; something that, eventually, will split them up.