Season 3 announcement


Hi everyone,

I haven’t been in touch in a while and I wanted to give you a quick update on what’s happening with the Breaking Point podcast. It’s been three years now since the last episode and while producing this program has been immensely rewarding and important to me, I had to take some time off – I just needed to become a parent; twice, actually.

Anyway I am now looking for new people to interview which means that in a few weeks time, we will be returning with a brand new season of the podcast.

One thing I would like to achieve, and I need your help for that, is to gather as many diverse stories as possible. When I say diverse I mean diverse in terms of gender, sexual orientations, race, social context… We all have to go through difficult breakups, and it is important to me to try my hardest to hear and present a large panel of perspectives and experiences.

I will never insist on that point enough, there’s great value in every story – sharing your experience, however painful it was, can truly make a difference, have an impact on you and others. It’s about creating empathy, it’s about connection… It’s about getting rid of the stigma a heartbreak can cause, or the shame. Someone out there can be listening to your story and get the extra boost they need to maybe get out of a toxic relationship – how important, how huge this can be!  Someone very lonely, in a lot of pain because of a heartbreak, can hear a story they can relate to and suddenly there’s a glimmer of hope…

It’s a bit like the butterfly effect, small things can have huge consequences. 

So if you have a story to tell or if you know a friend who has a story to tell, please get in touch, I want to hear from you. It’s only a couple of hours or your time, but for a massive, massive contribution.

Two ways to reach out: first by email, wrote me a quick note to Or you can find us on twitter as well : @bppodcastoff.

This current situation, with the global pandemic, the lockdowns, the travel bans, all this must have been very significant factors in the deterioration of some relationships, leading to breakups potentially. If you’ve been in a relationship that’s been impacted by the circumstances caused by COVID, please get in touch.

One more thing about sharing your story – you can remain totally anonymous and change names, places, even your voice if you wish to. There’s no judgement here and I am only interested in the uniqueness of your story, not in the sensational or shocking details of it. I will never push for more if you wish to keep bits to yourself for whatever reasons. It is your story.

So season three is coming soon, it took a bit longer than expected but it’s on its way. We’ll be back in a few weeks.

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