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Quick reminder for you all – the new season of The Breaking Point starts on Monday. Do you want to get all the episodes of this new series? Go to your podcast application on your phone or tablet, find the podcast and press subscribe. Here is the link to iTunes:

While you’re at it, give us a comment and a rating – not to stroke my ego – but so people out there can find it easily on their podcast providers.

Monday, you will hear Rebecca’s story. She moved in with an old friend, and things got serious for a while. Until everything changed abruptly. Her story is a great example of resilience and I think there is a lot to learn from it.

I really hope you will enjoy that second season. By now you know and understand how much this podcast and what it stands for matters to me – and to the people I interview. These stories help us all connect with each other on a subject we can all relate to. And the importance of empathy is huge: ultimately, it allows us to get the things we want the most in life: to value and be valued, to see and be seen, to acknowledge and be ackowledged as a worthwhile person.

First episode on Monday!



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